How to Optimise Your Facebook Ads For Better Results

How to make facebook ads work better

Facebook ads are an incredibly cost-effective way of promoting your business, and the potential reach of your company through paid advertising on the platform is immense – with almost 3 billion monthly active users.


That said, many businesses fail to achieve the expected return from their ads because they don’t optimise the delivery.


When done right advertising on Facebook can provide a significant boost to brand awareness and sales. When done incorrectly they can cost more than they are worth.


Let’s look at how to optimise your Facebook ads for maximum return without wasting your ad budget.


 Choose a clear campaign objective.


Before you get started on the design and delivery of your Facebook ads you need to establish a clear objective.


Are you looking to raise awareness of your brand? Expand reach and increase engagement?


Are you aiming to drive traffic to your website? To get more video views or encourage contact through Facebook Messenger?


Whatever your campaign objective Facebook has an ad type that will align with your goals. You just need to define what those goals are beforehand, in order to maximise your chances of successfully achieving them.

Define your audience.


Just because there are almost three billion users actively scrolling their Facebook news feeds each month, that doesn’t mean you need to try and reach them all.


Not everybody is going to be interested in what your business has to offer, and you’re just throwing money away if your target audience is too broad.


Define your market and pinpoint exactly who it is that you want to push your ads in front of. In doing this, you invite meaningful engagement from people looking for what your company is offering – avoiding those likely to scroll past without a second glance.


Schedule ads appropriately.


Running your ads 24/7 is going to be an inefficient use of your budget. People aren’t going to see them when they are asleep. Schedule your ads to fit the habits of your target audience.


If you’re aiming your advertisements at UK based clients then schedule them to run during UK waking hours. If your audience is international then run multiple versions of the same ad and configure to suit each time zone.


For ads targeted at businesses, aim for between the hours of 8-6 when the businesses, and those that run them, are actively working.


Scheduling your ads appropriately will ensure you reach your intended audience at the right time and are not flushing away your marketing budget.


Track, review and adapt.


Once your ads are running you need to monitor the results and adjust tactics where necessary. Your ads can be edited at any time, so don’t waste money if they aren’t delivering as expected.


Keep an eye on performance and take note of the successes and where improvements could be made. These insights will help you maneuver your spend towards better return, and also aid in the optimisation of future ads.


Make your ads work for you.


Facebook ads are a versatile model for promoting your business – and by defining your audience, targeting your delivery and adapting your approach, your company will see positive results.



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