5 figure Organic Traffic Growth, Less than 12 months using SEO


This client was in a very competitive market space for SEO, and channels such as Adwords and Paid Social have restrictions in this space so SEO was one of their only options, we were tasked with growing a website with less than 300 visitors a month into a powerhouse in the Rehab advisory space. 

The client had been burned many times over with other SEO specialists, and honestly we were left with a real mess when it came to on-site SEO and poor quality content throughout the site. 


  • Over 1,500 Keywords Ranking
  • Monthly Visitors in the 5 figures per month 
  • Search Market Share increased to 7.26% from 0.01%
  • And the site continues to grow…so watch this space

So How Did We Do it. (Secret Sauce!)

  • We started with running a SEO technical audit and identifying the key on-site areas that could be fixed without a full site redevelopment, basically Quick wins!
  • We used a 2 tier keyword research approach: first looking at all keywords that had volume using SEMRush, secondly we analysed all the competitors and the keywords they ranked for and targetted, given this niche was so competitve we needed to ensure the Keyword research had no stone unturned. 
  • Using the keyword research we grouped our keywords based on intent to understand exactly why users were searching those keywords and what content they would want to see to fulfill the intent of their search
  • Based on the Keyword research and Intent discovery we planned a new site architecture that would lend itself to the needs of searchers and restructured the site, this was then backed up with huge efforts to keyword target each page and also build a internal link strategy
  • All of the site’s existing content was rewritten and optimised for SEO. Our specialist copywriters were assigned to write content for 200 additional pages we needed to meet the keyword gap opportunities that were identified
  • This was backed up by a unique content optimisation approach where we analysed the keyword usage, load times, theme relavance of the top ranking websites for all target keywords. This data collection provided with detailed insights of what each content page needed to cover
  • All of this was backed by monthly link building and PR efforts which earned us links and citations from high authority sites including the Daily Mail, Sun, business.com, and others
  • During covid, we also conducted research that was picked up by all major tabloids on how lockdown was increasing alcohol consumption
  • The success of this client shows that SEO when done right works in even the toughest search marketplace, providing the strategy, investment and execution is right. 





01 December 2020


Digital Marketing, SEO